Breathwork and Meditation Club

I’d like to invite you to imagine, with me, for a minute.

Imagine that instead of our emotions guiding our day, our intentions could do it.

Imagine that through a short, daily, guided practice of concentration and reflection, we could increase our sense of well being.

Imagine we could really, fully, honor ourselves by beginning to tailor our thinking and our lives to support us at being our best, all of the time. 

The Breathwork and Meditation Club allows us to create stability out of the chaos, five mornings a week. It gives us space to breathe and to really notice. To study compassion, to learn to lean toward joy and to just hold space for ourselves -- really to just be. To be called to attention. To heal from our pasts and brokenness of our culture. We are in the golden age of neuroscience, and the research is in on how to guide ourselves toward a more fulfilling, creative life. It's not rocket science. Among other benefits, meditation reverses the effects of and delays aging by making the telomeres at the end of our chromosomes (like aglets at the end of shoelaces) long and healthy.  It is one of our most powerful tools for overall health, and for brain health specifically. 

Monday-Friday, 7-7:30 am. Starts August 3rd, 2021.  Free Masterclass July 29th, 8pm Irish time, on Zoom. Get in touch to be part of it!

Club membership is 50 euro monthly.  Classes will be streamed and recorded on Zoom, and available for 48 hours. Club registration opens the 29th of July and closes at 9pm August 2nd. Please contact me -- -- to register for the waiting list, express interest, or ask any questions. 

How much is it costing and am I paying weekly or monthly or yearly - and is there a discount if I pay for a big chunk of lessons ahead of time? 

  • The introductory offer is 50/month. Other payment options may become possible in the future! 

Will it be all year around? 

  • Yes. 

What if I miss a few sessions? - will that put me behind? 

  • The more you attend, the more effective the practice. There is no penalty for missing sessions. 

And how about paying for missed sessions? What if you miss a few sessions? 

  • The fee is monthly and is the same no matter how many sessions you attend. 

 Is there a physical exertion aspect to the sessions? 

  • No. There may be gentle movement on occasion, but the practice is primarily one of stillness. 

What if I can't do the breathing as you suggest? 

  • The breathing is not rigid and can be done at one's own pace.