Trying to figure out how to treat yourself like a queen? 

I have a solution. 

I would like to see the people around me feeling nourished, expansive, and excited by the challenges of their lives. I am offering space for select private clients to work with closely to accomplish this. It is possible to work individually, or in a small group. 

I offer two threads -- one is Somatic Coaching, a process of body based inquiry which enables a client to get to the heart of whatever feels unrestful in their lives. I am currently training in this lineage, known as "Wayfinding," with the Martha Beck Institute. The goal is to bring about internal peace. This can be done remotely over Zoom. 

The other thread consists of handstanding, yoga, and massage. 

Deirdre’s classes are a total delight! She’s such a knowledgeable teacher with a warm and fun teaching style. 

I’m learning how to do handstands with her which is scary, but I feel very safe with Deirdre. I can’t recommend her highly enough.   

- Aideen 


 I was struck by how fortunate we are on this island that you have chosen to make this place your home.  I perceived you to be such a gorgeous, warm, energized, motivated, strong, caring, empathetic, talented and all-around fascinating person that I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to meet you and spend some time in your presence.


Email me to explore the possibility of working together --