I would like to see the people around me feeling nourished, expansive, and excited by the challenges of their lives. I am opening space for a few private clients to work with closely to accomplish this. We will use the tools of discussion, writing, intuitive movement,  yoga, bodywork, and the voice to look closely at what works for you in your life, and what kind of shifts are necessary to bring about a life which has meaning and is thriving.

The world is both facing and offering deep challenges. I think that the most powerful, immediate way we can transform our society is by our stepping out of subscription to the cultural narratives that have dominated our vision for our lives. If you grew up in an unjust pocket of culture, that can mean that you learned to tolerate some amount of pain. To expect it. And so part of how you see yourself in the world is as someone who has pain, and the structures of your life reinforce that pattern. We will come at this from the perspective of choice -- of choosing how you will respond to a situation, rather than allowing the events of our lives to control us reactively.  We will investigate changing the neurobiological patterns of who we are by choosing to move into whatever wellness feels like, to you. To change. To change from someone who feels isolated and upset, into someone who feels connected and secure. Who trusts. And you can do that from any perspective, any walk of life, because it is a perspective of the mind. Part of choosing to move into wellness is that we naturally turn on a space of healing for ourselves. And the more we are healed, the more we bring a healing presence into the world. You can be broken into pieces and still access this feeling.  Thank heavens. We will be showing up in service to who we each are at our cores, in our hearts, in the loving creature we have inside. Who may have never really been tended to, or not deeply enough.  


 I was struck by how fortunate we are on this island that you have chosen to make this place your home.  I perceived you to be such a gorgeous, warm, energized, motivated, strong, caring, empathetic, talented and all-around fascinating person that I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to meet you and spend some time in your presence. Jane 

Email, or schedule a free 30 minute call to explore the possibility of working together https://calendly.com/deirdremurphymusic/30min