A weekend retreat focusing on investigating and befriending the energy we each contain -- the substance of our personalities. We each are here as the blueprint for an energy that moves and expresses through each of us -- the most authentic versions of ourselves.  Dancing/Music/Thinking is a laboratory of experience which will tend to your body, heart, mind and soul. We’ll be framing workshops in voice and movement with thought around behaviour, the subconscious, and the conscious mind. We'll be doing a consent workshop. We’ll also be doing practices to generate joyful experience, like a laboratory of the beaming human soul. Soul food. Cellist Lioba Petrie will be providing musical support. Profound connection is on the table, to the self and with each other. 

Sli Na Bande, County Wicklow, September 3rd-5th 2021. Shared accommodation, 350 early bird till June 28th, 400 after. There is a hot tub and a pond (swim with the fishes!), and organic delicious food grown onsite. Breathwork, meditation, movement, voice. Forests and fields. Songs by the fire.  

Covid precautions: I am asking everyone to get a Covid test (they are walk-in and free) or self isolate leading up to the retreat, if they are not vaccinated. If another wave should befall us, the whole thing is fully transferable to a later date. 

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