witch camp

October Bank Holiday, October 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st, Sli na Bande, Wicklow. 

Use many tools, writing exercises, speaking and listening exercises, movement exercises, as a deep tuning in to your body messaging. Notice who you are, at your deepest fundamental self. We will explore a variety of exercises to open the perceptions in a light and delightful way. These are a combination of my own ideas and history of embodied practices and training, with exercises from I'm sharing from my amazing teachers. I envision a six or seven hour track through each day, including brunch, during which we'll move through a variety of curated experiences including a strong physical grounding based in yoga, acro yoga and handstand training, and carefully designed exercises. An evening meal and then a campfires, dance party, hot tub, a game, magic making. 

What do you bring? An open mind, an inquiry, something to write with and on, layers of clothing that feel good to move in, your focus, your curiosity. An intention. I will share with you the things that have been fascinating me lately, and if I do my job they will fascinate you too. 

Sli Na Bande is an off grid eco retreat in Wicklow, Ireland. There are cozy cottages, gourmet locally grown vegetarian cuisine, and a hot tub. 

Get in touch with any questions or to explore different payment plan options. 

(Handstands are optional; feeling the love is inevitable!) 







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