I would like to see the people around me feeling nourished, expansive, and excited by the challenges of their lives. This retreat is part of a way of making that happen.  We will use the tools of discussion, writing, intuitive movement,  yoga, bodywork and voice to explore the ideas from the book "Whole Brain Living," as conceived of by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor. I am thrilled to have received the blessings of Dr. Taylor, the Harvard neuroanatomist who famously experienced a massive stroke in her left brain and fully recovered, in sharing this work. Her viral Ted Talk on the subject is linked to below. We’ll be framing workshops in voice and movement with thought around behavior, the subconscious, and the conscious mind. Doing practices to generate joyful experience. We'll be really looking at what works and does not work for us in our lives, and what kind of incremental shifts are necessary to bring ourselves into a life that feels meaningful and thriving. 

The retreat is for people who want to rediscover and honor themselves through moving, sounding, talking and writing. It will be a celebration of interconnectedness and openness, and offer an opportunity to explore creative possibilities for our lives. Expect lots of laughter, play, and serious self reflection. We will dance, we will sing, we will meditate, speak, share, and write. We will hold space for each other. We will move our beautiful bodies and sing together. Included are six delicious organic vegetarian meals, grown on site at Slí Na Bandé. Fields and a forest. Plenty of space. A hot tub.

This is not just for the weekend, but for the whole time you are here on the planet. 



"I really got a lot from the retreat, it was a really positive experience for me - thank you very very much. I have a great respect for your way and I am really appreciating the subtlety but strength of the learning I got from the retreat - it feels like seeds were sown and I am becoming aware of them as they grow, its a really lovely organic feeling. Also I have found myself singing the songs randomly which is also really nice!"

Arran, September 2021

Sli Na Bande, County Wicklow, January 28th-30th 2022. Shared accommodation, 450 early bird till December 6th, 550 after. Hot tub and a pond (swim with the fishes!), and organic delicious food grown onsite. Breathwork, meditation, movement, yoga, voice, writing, discussion. Forests and fields. 

Covid precautions: All attendees are asked to produce a negative antigen test within 24 hours of the retreat. No refunds are possible. 

Dr Jill Bolte Taylor on youtube: