October Bank Holiday, October 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st, Sli na Bande, Wicklow. 


     Yoga, massage, meditation, upside down, voice, investigate practices, and a Halloween party! Each person is invited to a 40 minute private coaching consultation via Zoom prior to the retreat, and 30 minutes of individual coaching live on premises. In addition, we will engage in practices that make the body rejoice -- movement, massage, singing, dancing, acro, all the things which make our souls sing! 

    Sli Na Bande is an off grid eco retreat in Wicklow, Ireland. There are cozy cottages, gourmet locally grown vegetarian cuisine, and a hot tub. 

    Get in touch with any questions or to explore different payment plan options. 

    (Handstands are optional; feeling the love is inevitable!)