Somatic Coaching

I work with people who are interested in using the body's orienting felt sense, as a compass from which to create direction in their lives. Sometimes this looks like examining deeply held beliefs which are incongruent with the truth about you. Sometimes this looks like following flights of imagination, in which you get to verbalize your wildest most improbable goals. If we can't imagine it, we can't do it. I work with people who are interested in bringing more beauty and more inspiration to the planet, and who are willing to start with themselves and their own lives. 

Come to me and I'll help you clarify issues, turn on the navigational skills, make you feel gorgeous in your body, listen to your voice. We'll use a meditative approach of focusing and listening to the innate feedback of your somatic system to figure out your life. 


 "I found the session with Deirdre to be deeply effective in many ways. The focus of the session was to explore areas of life that we feel compassion and gratitude for, as well as anything that may not be "sitting right". I was reminded of how to stop and acknowledge, even for a moment, that life can offer many moments to be grateful for, as well as times we feel it may not be going our way. Deirdre facilitated the session in a way that someone who is deeply connected to her work only can. Her genuine empathy and care made the experience all the more authentic and I was left feeling very positive and to a large extent lucky, that I have the life that I have. She navigated the transition between the scale of life satisfaction and dissatisfaction seamlessly, bringing the focus back to gratitude and awareness. I would highly recommend Deirdre for anyone wanting to look inwards, and shift their perspective or energy to a more uplifted viewpoint."

-Rosin Corrigan


 "It is fabulous! Deirdre has a knack for allowing you to drop deep into your body and the moment almost instantly, and trust me, I was all up in my head when she arrived! She brings a beautiful lightness to her practice and such laughter and joy. I had been struggling with some issues in my body as well as insomnia. After the treatment, I felt more relaxed than I have in years, and I also slept like a peaceful angel - thanks to you, Deirdre, I have fallen back in love with my bed!" 

- Sarah Victoria Leopard

 "I was struck by how fortunate we are on this island that you have chosen to make this place your home.  I perceived you to be such a gorgeous, warm, energized, motivated, strong, caring, empathetic, talented and all-around fascinating person that I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to meet you and spend some time in your presence."


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