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upcoming gigs

JULY 20th, Irish Museum of Modern Art

with full band, Jason McNamara and Lily Sheehan

Latest Release - Million Sins March 24th

Million Sins is a sea shanty loosely based on the story of sea captain Carola Rackete. In 2019, as captain of the Sea Watch 3, Rackete rescued 53 people who were in danger in the Mediterranean. She was denied port along the coast of Italy for more than two weeks, and eventually made port illegally, whereupon she was then arrested and detained for four months. Eventually she was cleared of all charges.  

The song highlights the refugee crisis and possible responses and responsibilities. The video features dancer SuMaira Chady,  courtesy of the Solo Sirens Collective,  and is created by Annette Barnaville. The track was produced by Oli Ryan and features Denis McAuliffe on fiddle.

Deirdre Murphy

 is a musician and multi-disciplinary artist. She counts herself as a songwriter, singer, choreographer, dancer, playwright, designer, and sartorial adventurer. Originally from Alaska, Deirdre found many adventures while traveling and living throughout the USA before moving to Ireland. She creates work for international audiences in theatre, dance, and music.

Deirdre’s music has been featured on RTE Radio One’s playlists, and has been described as “quirky and lovely” by DJ Ronan Collins. She and her band played an electrifying set at the 2022 Electric Picnic and were featured in October 2022 on RTE's program Nationwide. Deirdre released her first album Matriotism and three music videos in 2022, and released a new single and music video in January 2023. Her music has been featured on the Ronan Collins and John Creedon Shows, on Late Date with Cathal Murray, and on more than 65 radio stations worldwide. 

Deirdre's music is a widely varied spectacle of rich instrumentation, loop station, spoken word and a cappella harmonies. Her set includes sci-fi spoken word story telling, and the songs create a multi-faceted lyrical bath on the topics of revolution, celebration of nature and of the female, on family dynamics, on love, and on a vision for a new world. Her songs have been compared to Ali Farka Toure in their sparingness. They are slightly cinematic and generally fall in the realm of alt/singer-songwriter/folk.  Deirdre is joined by phenomenal musicians  -- guitarist and vocalist Lily Sheehan, drummer Jason Macnamara, and double bassist Niall Hughes. 

“You have a fairy-in-the-woods voice.” Justine, 2am Fibber McGees 

“When you speak, it’s like your voice isn’t really there.” Susan, artist, in a gallery 

“Your voice is like a transmission from the planets.” Fergal, a couple of weeks ago.  

Deirdre is the writer and composer of “Capitalism: The Musical” (2017), acrobatic musical theatre which has toured Ireland and Italy to sold out audiences, has been translated into Italian, and has been invited to the Electric Picnic for 2023. She is the creator/collaborator of many original works of music, dance, aerial dance, theatre, and performance art. She has co-curated and produced three festivals and numerous performances, and has been featured in Oonagh Kearney’s short films “The Wake” and “Her Mother’s Daughters.” She performed in Ireland at the Electric Picnic, Body and Soul, and Knockanstockan, and her theatre and dance work has been performed in Ireland, the USA, Italy, Germany, France, and Canada. 

Deirdre welcomes your support on Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/DeirdreMurphy 




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