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“Matriotism” explores Murphy’s commitment to championing human rights and challenging norms, all the while infusing her music with a certain humor and energy that both inspires and is captivating audiences worldwide. From the beautiful opening track “Hands Down,” about connection to each other and the natural world, to the delicate “Sweet and Strong,” with its lulling melodies, flirting guitar, cello and percussion, and the gentle “Haunting You,” this album is versatile in both vocals and instrumentation. The album seems to advocate for embracing authenticity and fostering meaningful connections within our communities, acknowledging the inherent vulnerability of such a journey. 

Deirdre shares: 

“Each song on the album is an opinion: a statement of how my world seems; a leg of the framework of how I see the world, or what the world has taught me. A lot of it is about love in various contexts - love for self, romantic love, platonic love, love in the bigger picture - for community, for humanity, for nature. Mostly we seem to think about love in a romantic or familial context, but there are so many other ways that love is present in our lives. The story behind Million Sins stands out to me as an example of what bigger picture love looks like - the song is inspired by sea captain Carola Rackete who rescued 53 people from the Mediterranean in 2019. They were denied safe port for more than two weeks, and eventually made port illegally in Italy. She was arrested and detained but eventually got off on all charges. That was someone who looked at a situation and said I’m going to right this wrong, no matter the cost. That is what passionate creative care looks like in community. That is love. That’s a strong example, but there are other examples of this all around us, every volunteer position, anything anyone you know does just to be helpful or kind. There is a lot about the album that suggests moving into community and creating the life that feels most true to you. That can be a vulnerable path because it requires a learning curve; a practice of uncovering new ground, and the songs reflect this. Like each of us need to decide, as a spiritual practice, how to celebrate our own lives. I think there is something of that celebration in this album.”

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Deirdre Murphy is a force to be reckoned with in the world of music and performance, with her unique form of gig theatre - a rich tapestry of songs, contemporary movement improvisation and choreography, and sci-fi spoken word. Her work has been featured on RTE Radio One’s playlists and showcased on notable shows such as Ronan Collins, John Creedon, and Late Date with Cathal Murray. With more than 65 radio stations worldwide playing her music, Deirdre's eclectic style  - physical, spiritual, and musical - is leaving a indelible mark on the global music scene. She is the creator of many original works of music, dance, theatre, circus, and performance art and released her debut album Matriotism in 2024.                                                      

As an artist who seamlessly integrates music, dance, and theatre with off-the-cuff social commentary, Deirdre's signature form of gig theatre comes with a dose of joy and heart. Her work is a journey through the beauty and terrors of human nature, delivered with a light touch and consideration for the soul. Her past achievements include writing, composing and choreographing the circus musical "Capitalism: The Musical," a witty, catchy, and profound commentary on the most important issue of our times. The musical has toured Ireland and Italy to sold out houses and has been translated into Italian.  

Deirdre grew up in rural Alaska with a profound connection to nature, and lived and travelled throughout the US before moving to Ireland. Her first passion lies in performance and the body, and she has performed and taught of many forms of movement including social and contemporary dance, improvisation, ballet,  yoga, acroyoga, handstanding, etc. She composes on guitar, ukulele, and loop station, and writes and performs spoken word vignettes. She has written more than 60 songs, and is known for the poetry and wordplay of her lyrics. She has worked as an aerialist, has taught acrobatics internationally at circus festivals and workshops, and has designed costumes and sound for theatre. She makes her own merchandise, including an original silver necklace - an interpretation of the sile na gig icon found carved into stone all over Ireland. An original linocut of the sile na gig makes up the cover of Deirdre's 2024 debut album Matriotism.

Deirdre’s work has toured and performed in Canada, Germany, Italy, the UK and throughout the USA. Through her creative practice, Deirdre aspires to present the ideal of each individual’s right to the very highest level of human rights - while engaging in comical mishaps, awkward timing etc.  

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