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modern mystery blog:

 "Deirdre Murphy’s “Sweet and Strong” is a neo-folk gem that captures the magic and exhilaration of falling in love. The song’s heartfelt lyrics and warm, summery vibes create a sense of expansiveness and wonder, akin to the feeling of the golden hour when everything appears vibrant and full of possibility. 

But the real standout centerpiece of the song is Deirdre Murphy’s vocals. Her voice is light and carries a warmth similar to that of Moriarty meets Ani DiFranco. Her poetic and wordplay-filled lyrics add to the song’s charm and authenticity, making it easy for listeners to connect with the emotions she conveys."



 "Hot off the back of a breathtaking appearance at last weekend’s Electric Picnic, singer and multi-disciplinary artist Deirdre Murphy takes to the stage at the Cobblestone this Saturday September 10th to launch her new album, Matriotism."



Hot Press Magazine:

"Over four decades years after Dr. Maya Angelou's iconic poem 'Phenomenal Woman' was first published, multi-disciplinary artist Deirdre Murphy has breathed powerful new life into the piece, with a brilliant neo-folk arrangement released as a new single, 'Phenomenally Women'."

independent artist buzz:

"In her new song, “Sweet and Strong,” Deidre Murphy takes listeners on a captivating journey through the enchanting world of Neo-folk, indie, and alt fusion. With her soft and comforting voice, she paints a beautiful portrait of peace and strength. The song opens with delicate acoustic guitar strums, setting the perfect backdrop for her poignant lyrics to unfold. From the first note, it becomes apparent that Deidre possesses a rare ability to convey raw emotion and vulnerability, making “Sweet and Strong” an unforgettable musical experience.

Deirdre’s vocal performance in “Sweet and Strong” is nothing short of mesmerizing. She showcases the captivating nature of what is softly spoken or sung. The lyrics speak of the beauty of the world around us and appreciating life’s simplicity, delivering a message of hope that is both empowering and uplifting. The artist’s mastery of poetic language and the nature in which it is sung enhances the emotional depth of the song, leaving a lasting impact on listeners long after the final note fades away."


Kate Brayden at Hot Press says:

"If there was ever an ideal time and place to release a single about solidarity, it's Ireland in 2021. Musician, choreographer, and theatre maker, Deirdre Murphy, has debuted her new track 'Phenomenally Women'; breathing new life into the ever-uplifting 1978 poem by Dr Maya Angelou; 'Phenomenal Woman'." 


Deirdre Murphy is proud to announce the release of her debut album "Matriotism," launching February 2nd, 2024. An exciting addition to Ireland’s music scene, "Matriotism" is a multifaceted exploration of sound and emotion - an artistic snapshot of Deirdre Murphy, an interdisciplinary artist and musician.

Deirdre Murphy is a force to be reckoned with in the world of music and performance, with her signature form of gig theatre - a rich tapestry of songs, contemporary movement improvisation, and sci-fi spoken word. Her work has been featured on RTE Radio One’s playlists and showcased on notable shows such as Ronan Collins, John Creedon, and Late Date with Cathal Murray. With more than 65 radio stations worldwide playing her music, Deirdre's eclectic style  - physical, spiritual, and musical - is leaving a indelible mark on the global music scene. 

As an artist who seamlessly integrates music, dance, and theatre with off-the-cuff social commentary, Deirdre Murphy's creative journey is a testament to her commitment to artistic expression and social change. Her past achievements, including the circus musical "Capitalism: The Musical," highlight her dedication to pushing boundaries and touching audiences on a deep level.

Deirdre grew up in rural Alaska with a profound connection to nature, and lived and travelled throughout the US before moving to Ireland. She is the creator of many original works of music, dance, theatre, circus, and performance art. Capitalism: The Musical (2017) is a witty, catchy, and profound commentary on the most important issue of our times. The musical has toured Ireland and Italy to sold out houses and has been translated into Italian.  

Deirdre's first passion lies in performance and the body, and she has performed and taught of many forms of movement including social and contemporary dance, improvisation, ballet,  yoga, acroyoga, handstanding, etc. She composes on guitar, ukulele, and loop station, and writes and performs spoken word vignettes. She has written more than 60 songs, and is known for the poetry and wordplay of her lyrics. She has worked as an aerialist, has taught acrobatics internationally at circus festivals and workshops, and has designed costumes and sound for theatre. She makes her own merchandise, and draws inspiration from the Sheela na Gig icon found carved into stone all over Ireland - a symbol of women's generative power. The album’s cover, an image of the Sheela na Gig, is an original linocut. 

Deirdre’s work has toured and performed in Canada, Germany, Italy, the UK and throughout the USA. Through her creative practice, Deirdre aspires to present the ideal of each individual’s right to the very highest level of human rights - while engaging in comical mishaps, awkward timing etc.  

Connect with Deirdre Murphy:

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Matriotism was produced and recorded by Oli Ryan, and features Deirdre Murphy on vocals and guitar, Oli Ryan on double bass, guitar and percussion, Denis McCauliffe on mandolin and violin, Thunderclap Murphy on ukulele and Claire Fitch on cello. Mastered by Eoghan Tyrell. 

A launch gig in celebration of the release will be at the Fumbally Stables, February 4th at 7:30pm (doors at 7). Deirdre will bring her signature style of music, dance theatre, and sci-fi spoken word to the stage, with the support of full band - Graham Heaney on double bass, Henry Egan on violin, and John Linnane on acoustic guitar. Special guest: extraordinary spoken word artist Nicole Rourke.





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