I am a neuro somatic life coach and Integrative Change worker. I coach privately on Zoom to respectfully hold space and facilitate massive shifts in perception, mood, and habits. My clients learn tools for self directed neuro-plasticity and change habituated patterns such as anxiety, quickly and easily freeing them from their previous constraints. 


 "I can say that I saw instant results in my overall well being, especially my mental well being. I was more regulated, my triggers went away, and Deirdre has an incredible amount of touch and sensitivity which is essential for this type of dynamic with patients. I'm very grateful for everything she's done for me, and looking forward to engaging with her more and booking more one on one sessions with her."

-- Gesabel Zsarolyani - Dublin

I loved my session with Deirdre! I arrived feeling sticky about hitting the go button on a dream I’ve held for a while. She walked me through a couple processes that are fairly simple and yet quite magical, and all the anxiety and uncertainty dissolved. I’ve since acted on that dream and continue to feel SO GOOD about it. Just one session allowed me to access a new level of myself and leave behind some ways of thinking that weren’t serving me. I literally feel better than I've felt in four or five years.

Amanda Thorstad - Maryland


Imagine how it will be when you no longer wake up with your gut pinched and your mind spinning out. 

Imagine when you're not stuck ruminating in worry and self doubt.

Imagine how freeing it will be when your triggers and your reactivity, often stemming from childhood, are no longer running the show.

 It's closer than you think.


My coaching lineage includes Integrative Change work, developed by the amazing Melissa Tiers, and Martha Beck's (also amazing!) Wayfinder program. I use cutting edge techniques based in neuroscience to work with the unconscious mind, referring to the body and somatic experience as the guide. My clients dissolve triggers, find deep insight, and move into the rest of their lives with a sense of freedom and possibility.  My alignment and philosophy is also informed by my professional background in dance, yoga and acroyoga teaching, massage, somatic practice, and creative practice - writing new work in music, theatre, and dance. 



 Deirdre helped me so much in uncovering my strength and hope in the face of adversity!

I’ve been living in London a 12 person queer centred warehouse for 2 and a half years now, and it’s been a good journey. Sadly the last 6 months have peaked otherwise difficult situations. There’s many things that make my heart sing in this house, including how we come together in times of crisis - but there’s been a few too many, from witnessing and trying to stay united through the birth of psychosis, addiction and recovery processes, mass financial strains and being on the brink of eviction and more - it’s left us, and me feeling depleted.

I thought that I had lost all hope, motivation and spaciousness to be in this space or even trust that I will find something more suitable for my needs. Skillfuly Deidre identified the magic that was patiently waiting for me, within my body and mind.

She coached me to witness the transformation that I desire, helping me to highlight the path that’s going to take me where I want to be.

The coaching felt soft, caring, warming, holding - at every step of the way, flowing and adjusting to my needs, pace and desires. We sat with the sadness and used it as soil for beauties to grow.

I still carry what we found during our session (yes! This was in one session only!!) this pink sheath around my heart that is resonating in and outside of me, like a squishy bubble - filling me up with excitement for the future! I wake up naturally at 7am again, excited and hopeful and full of faith! This has not happened in 4-5 months at least 🩷🙏🏼✨

I received clarity about the qualities that I wish to find in a home, as well as values I would like to nurture with the ones that I am creating this new home with.

I found the energy to put that out there, communicating it clearly to the people around me, and now I am in the middle of several meaningful connections and conversations about creating this new home! All in 2 weeks time 🌝 I know this is going to be a longer process, but it is so enriching to see myself in this new light again, with a bit more hope and trust! So grateful for this gift and couldn’t recommend Deidre’s coaching more ! 

p.s. the entire coaching session was done on videocall during which one my main triggers was constantly present - the construction works noise in the 4 surrounding warehouses (all which have been evicted and thus is serving as a constant reminder of the precarious living situation here). By the end of the call, I was not even flinching at the sound of it, it felt fully integrated in my hopeful experience! This magic WORKS!!

Mara Nicola - London


Thank you much for the coaching session, it is absolutely amazing, I have learned so many different tools to regulate my emotions and it works so quickly. Now I don’t have to meditate for 20 minutes to reach the states that I want to reach, I can just use the tools that you give me. And I absolutely love the fact that we covered so many things, so many stressful situations for me, and you turned them around. Thank you so much for that - thank you so much. 

Rashidah Rahman - Singapore


Even my face looks different.

Elena - Dublin


I've always had a fear of public speaking and I've had to do quite a bit of it in previous roles and jobs and in the lead up to the wedding, where I had to give a speech in front of everybody, 150 people, I was quite nervous. And the night before, out of the blue, I had a conversation with Deirdre and she helped me to not only visualize how it was going to go well but also the feeling within my body of being relaxed and to feel how I would feel. And that really helped on the day of the wedding, it helped me to calm my nerves for that moment. And I think the speech in the end went well and I didn't feel nervous at all. So it really helped. Thank you.  

– Michael Parsons - Offaly


Those are powerful techniques and you are an amazing teacher!!! You are going to help a lot of people. You are amazing!!! I told my therapist about you and she loved it - thank you so much!!!

-Angie Young - Chicago


Honestly - these last three nights (since the group session) have been the best I've slept in months! 

-Chantal de Felice - Los Angeles

Hi Deirdre, thanks so much for the session yesterday. I found it eye opening for a few reasons. The idea of slowing down, breathing & grounding oneself seems obvious, yet it’s hard for us to put into practice in these times of fast paced living—harder, better, faster, stronger (to quote Daft Punk 🤣). If you feel you’re in a space of overwhelm and it all feels too much, get in touch with Deirdre. She so much much knowledge and practical tips to deal with anxiety and overwhelm…She’s the kind of practitioner that is walking the walk and talking the talk. Thanks Deirdre 💖✌🏼

Gwen - Dublin


Wow, thank you so much for your coaching the other day. I have been truly in crisis and you are truly there for me. You are an amazing, intuitive, and talented coach! I'm so grateful for you. 

-Marissa - France


Going in to the session, I felt great. Knowing this work I know how powerful it is as I use it with my clients . Being on the other end can sometimes be daunting but not with Deirdre. Deirdre held beautiful space, guided me so lovingly through the contraction and the resource state. I felt clear after, held during and spacious enough to move forward with a task that I had been dreading before. Thanks so much Deidre.

Courtney Tallman - California


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