On April 16th, 2021, Phenomenally Women will debut! It's a neo-folk arrangement of Dr. Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Woman, and is released in collaboration with Caged Bird Legacy. I'm hoping this track will hit like a shot of sunshine to the soul, and would like to offer it to women of all stripes as a moment of inspiration and solidarity. At a time when women are facing unprecedented challenges through Covid and the return to the domestic, I'd like to offer a moment for all women and their allies to take a breath and celebrate womanhood. 

New Work

Deirdre Murphy is a community builder and purveyor of love. She is a multi-disciplinary artist with a highly physical presence, and counts herself as a musician, singer, choreographer, dancer, playwright, and sartorial adventurer. Originally from Alaska, Deirdre travelled nomadically throughout the USA collecting many adventures and stories before moving to Ireland 16 years ago. She has been creating work for international audiences in theatre, dance, and music ever since.  

Deirdre is the writer and composer of “Capitalism: The Musical” (2017), acrobatic musical theatre which has toured Ireland and Italy, and has been translated into Italian and French. She is the creator/collaborator of many original works of music, dance, aerial dance, theatre, and performance art including 2019’s “this was never going to be normal,” and 2018’s commissioned work “Thoughts and Prayers.” She has co-curated and produced three festivals of dance and performance art and has been featured in Oonagh Kearney’s short films “The Wake” and “Her Mother’s Daughters.” She performed in the Electric Picnic, Body and Soul, many other festivals with macabre aerial performance group Guerilla Aerial. Deirdre's work has been performed in Ireland, the USA, Italy, Germany, France, and Canada. She receives regular funding from the Arts Council of Ireland. 

Previous Work

Capitalism: The Musical (2017)

Deirdre Murphy's seminal work of acrobatic musical theatre, with music, lyrics and book by Deirdre Murphy, and additional music by John Linanne.  The musical tells the tale of a heroic group of everyday acrobats, aided by a powerful triumvirate of fairy godmothers. Our heroes tell their stories -- who they are and why they care, while a trio of emperors breathes down their necks and strives to stay on top.  

Musically ranging from catchy showstoppers, heart wrenching duets, and stirring anthemic choral pieces, the musical retains a sense of humor and a hint of irony.  Spells are cast and broken, whistles are blown, and a possible future is written.