Each of us deserves the opportunity to live in peace (as the wonderful Martha Beck has said!). Many of us find that the pace of the world brings us into a state of overwhelm or anxiety, or simply brings us away from a life in which we get to be our best. Perhaps we have followed the path which our families or culture has lain out for us, gotten to the end of that vision, and are unfulfilled. Perhaps there is a rut in career or relationship, or a time of transition which calls for something new. Perhaps you are unchallenged in any way that excites you, or can barely remember what it feels like to be excited by a challenge. 

I am offering a 6 day immersion to give us a chance to reset. We will dive into the study and practice of what makes us well. We will work with self-soothing, practice stepping out of anxiety and into ease, and develop resources for when we feel less than wonderful. 

I am thrilled to have received approval from Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, neuroscientist, author, and deeply insightful individual, to share the teachings in her book Whole Brain Living: The Anatomy of Choice. Dr. Jill famously experienced and recovered from a debilitating stroke in her left brain (she had the first viral Ted Talk on the topic, found here on youtube). Her new book lays out a framework for personal transformation. I am designing the immersion to closely examine and put into action the material covered in the book, drawing from my own many years of experience as a dancer, yoga teacher, parent, meditator, and observer of life. 

The retreat will begin Monday Nov. 1st at 8am. Morning sessions will be 30 minutes long, and evening ones will be 45-60 minutes. We'll do a 90 minute closing session Saturday morning, 10-11:30am. All sessions will be available for review online, in case you are unable to attend live. Please get in touch with any questions.

Investment of 200 euros (125 un/underemployed). 

Offered in love, with the hope that you are well --